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Infection Control

This is a one day, 8 hour class.
$175.00 Per Person
We also offer bulk pricing for whole class.

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This one day course will discuss the requirements of NFPA 1581 "Standard on Fire Department Infection Control Program", including policy development, risk assessment and management, training and more. Members will be introduced to the essential elements of a comprehensive program and the roles and responsibilities of those involved. Students will participate in a number of exercises and have the opportunity to review their department's program.

Course Outline

Infection Control

  1. Program Development
  2. NFPA Standards and OSHA
  3. State Plans
  4. Historical Perspective
  5. Routes of Exposure
  6. PPE
  7. Disinfectants
  8. Program Audit
  9. Risk Assessment
  10. NFPA 1581
    1. Definitions
    2. Program Components
    3. Training and Education
    4. Control Officer
    5. Health Maintenance
    6. Infectious Exposure
    7. Facilities
    8. Apparatus
    9. EMS Operations
  11. Return to Work Criteria
  12. Resources
  13. Drills/Examples

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