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1500 audit

FDSOA NFPA 1500 Audit Program


The FDSOA NFPA 1500 Audit Program is a comprehensive evaluation service designed to help fire departments ensure they meet the rigorous safety and health standards outlined in NFPA 1500. The assessment provides fire departments with detailed insights and actionable recommendations to enhance their safety protocols and overall efficiency. 

This program is essential for departments committed to maintaininghigh levels of safety, operational efficiency, and overall firefighter wellness. 

What is NFPA 1500? 

NFPA 1500 sets the benchmark for fire department occupational safety, health, and wellness programs. It encompasses a wide range of requirements, including safety policies, training, equipment maintenance, and emergency response procedures. Compliance with NFPA 1500 ensures that fire departments operate under the best practices to protect their personnel and the community. 

For more information or to schedule an audit, please contact us at 248-880-1864 or by email at  

*Please note – In the very near future NFPA will be combining the 1500, 1521, and 1561 Standards into one document as NFPA 1550. This will not change our program. 

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